Working night audit after having worked for the good part of the year the three to eleven shift you start to notice a whole new dynamic and a whole new set of habits. The evening shift is by far the busiest especially for a mid-sized hotel on full nights and sometimes I miss it. When sports teams are in house, guests order late night bites well into the night and when you add delivering pillows and blankets it can keep you busy for a good part of the shift but lately it’s been happening less and less and the future months don’t look good either in that regard. This year overall has been a slow year not only for our hotel but also for the hotels in the area. Last night has been quite, it’s been raining heavily and everyone, hopefully, got a good night sleep. On my downtime I clean the lobby, run night audit procedures, set up the coffee station and before you know it’s time to take out the breakfast.  I love nights like that. Nothing major happens and it’s safe to assume everyone is happy and satisfied.

I always have these grand ideas but never know where to start. The more I think the bigger they ideas get. Take one idea, it always starts so small and simple, and before you know it it’s been blown out of proportions and the sheer magnitude of it becomes overwhelming and the desire to make it perfect cripples me thus prompting me to once again abandon it. this time I’m gonna try something different. I’m gonna start small and let it grow organically. Just a couple seconds, a couple minutes, a couple words, a couple lines, a couple colors, a couple of shapes until the foundation becomes rock solid and it can sustain the grandeur that it was meant to be. I have great ideas and it would be a damn shame to remain unfulfilled.

In my one year of being a front desk agent for the Hyatt brand I have met countless amazing guests who would have loved to leave me a good reference letter as they’ve seen immense potential and want very much to see me succeed and further my career in the near future and for that reason I am adding this form. Excerpts will be posted above.